The River Medway is recognised as one of Britain’s most important for leisure activities and has a fascinating and illustrious maritime heritage. Many of the attractions and historical buildings on the river reflect this heritage. Boating clubs, marinas and boatyards offer a warm welcome to visiting craft.

The area of Chatham is a fascinating maritime destination with a history stretching back more than 400 years. Famous seaferers Hawkins, Drake, Nelson and Gillingham-born Will Adams would have known the area well.

There are several riverside walks in the area to enjoy or you can enjoy a cruise on the X-Pilot or the beautifully restored Edith May Thames Barge.

Medway is part of a European maritime heritage project. HMS is a cross-boarder project between south-east England, Nord/Pas-de-Calais in France, West-Flanders in Belgium and Zeeland in the Netherlands to improve, develop and promote common maritime heritage and shared history. For more information visit www.maritime-history.eu

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