Military and Maritime

The River Medway has an extraordinary story to tell and today, The Historic Dockyard Chatham is now major visitor attraction in Medway. Ranging across 80 acres, it contains 47 scheduled ancient monuments forming the most complete 18th century dockyard in the world.

Fort Amherst was built in 1756 to protect the dockyard from landward attack. It is made up of a thrilling complex of underground chambers and tunnels. The history of the Royal Engineers in Medway is a fascinating one and the barracks, in the small town of Brompton, is still used today as a military base for our soldier engineers. Lord Kitchener and General Gordon, famous military leaders were both based at the Brompton Barracks. The Royal Engineers Museum provides a fascinating insight into the debt and part played by our soldier engineers in our past and the present day.

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