Wok&Go is all about fresh, nutritious tasty food cooked in front of your eyes and served to you in minutes.

The spark that started the Wok & Go flame was fired up in 2007 and was a simple one: a love of the taste, aromas and overall experience of Asian dining in New York City. It’s quick, casual and immediately approachable – perfect for any audience. When we distilled this down, we were left with a solid foundation with undeniable appeal: fresh, tasty food, made to order in minutes to either quickly slurp up at high tables, or box up and take away.

Our food is only ever made fresh on-site by skilled chefs. Our portions are, we hope, surprisingly generous, and there is a lasting full feeling that comes with a finished Wok&Go box that will comfortably sustain you from one meal to the next. Our menu is a fusion of the various tastes of Asia. It includes dishes inspired by the flavours of Thai, Malaysian, Indonesian, Chinese, and Japanese cuisine in the form of wok tossed noodles and rice boxes, soups, salads and sides.

Our kitchens are open so you can have a front row seat to the theatrics of sizzling woks and your tossed, flipped food unfolding in front of your eyes.

Wok&Go is continuining to expand nationwide and has become the UK's number one noodle bar chain. We have also expanded internationally having opened stores in the Middle East, with mainland Europe and the USA coming soon!

Offer ends on 31 Dec 2017

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