Wigmore Lectures - Hilda Kean The Great Cat and Dog Massacre - Wigmore Library

In September 1939, around 400,000 cats and dogs were killed by their owners. In London alone this figure represented around 26% of the cats and dogs at that time. Despite this massacre, many other cats and dogs lived as valued animals with their families. What happened? Why don’t we remember this story? Historian Dr Hilda Kean has explored accounts from animal charities, diaries and handed down family stories to bring important animal events to light.

You can buy a season ticket for all six evening Wigmore Lectures at Wigmore Library for £20. Individual lectures are priced at £4 each, with the Christmas lecture priced at £5 including seasonal refreshments.

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The series is presented by Medway Council’s Arts Development Team in collaboration with Medway Libraries.

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Wed, 20 March - 8pm

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