Wigmore Lectures - Bertie Pearce Wonder Workers & the Art of Illusion - Wigmore Library

From the beginning of time there has been a fascination with magic and the impossible. Where there was power there was magic, from ancient Egyptian sorcerer priests to the sleight of hand and legendary Music Hall tricks such as pulling a rabbit from a hat and sawing a lady in half. Wonder Workers and the Art of Illusion is a whistle stop tour of the history of mystery from 3000bc to the 21st century.

You can buy a season ticket for all six evening Wigmore Lectures at Wigmore Library for £20. Individual lectures are priced at £4 each, with the Christmas lecture priced at £5 including seasonal refreshments.

Tickets are available in advance by credit card, cheque or cash from the library where the lectures are happening.

Book early to avoid disappointment.

The series is presented by Medway Council’s Arts Development Team in collaboration with Medway Libraries.

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Wed, 16 Jan - 8pm

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01634 337799


Wigmore Library - view the listing for more info.
Wigmore Library
208 Fairview Avenue
Wigmore, Gillingham