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Whatever your taste and budget, you will find accommodation to suit you in Medway. Whether you are looking for a self-catering home or cottage in the countryside, a cosy bed and breakfast or inn with a friendly service, or a contemporary luxury hotel with leisure facilities - you are sure to find the right place here.

If you are looking for a summer or half-term break with the kids, then perhaps you are looking for a leisure park with on-site entertainment and activities or a hostel with a chance to get close to nature on a countryside walk.

All accommodation featured on our website has been inspected either by the Automobile Association (AA), VisitBritain or has applied for a rating and is awaiting assessment.

Information on bookings and accessibility with a guide to the quality grading scheme and star rating can be found on this website.

If you like further information or advice when choosing a place to stay, please contact Medway Visitor Information Centre. Helpful and friendly staff are on hand to assist you to find that special place to stay and make your visit to Medway an enjoyable one.

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